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Are Your People Performing on Purpose?

We are a training and coaching company focused on creating sustainable, high performance through deep, inspiring learning and coaching experiences.


Performance on Purpose uses the latest science and
research-backed methods to help move people to a
life full of meaning and spark motivation through modifications in mindset and subtle but sustainable changes in behavior.

We address all people issues including:

Understand the habits and mindsets driving your team’s behaviors, engagement, and well-being to increase productivity, avoid burnout, and maximize performance.



Stress & Agility

Develop the skills, mindset, and behaviors to build sustainably successful, agile, and purpose-anchored leaders. We emphasize physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness as performance enhancers and leadership tools.


Diversity & Values

Align your team on a clear mission. Empower them with passion and purpose. Surface narratives, mindsets, and biases that might be driving communication and engagement issues. Navigate change and challenges with agility and insight.


Energy & Well-Being

Build a thriving organization that balances the professional and personal well-being of all your employees: Body, Mind, & Spirit.

Ready for your organization to thrive? We'll shape the services you need to get there.

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Information gathering session

On our initial calls, we'll explore desired goals, challenges, and potential solutions. 

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Customize a solution path

Based on these conversations, we'll create a customized solution path to success based on your goals, scope, and budget.

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Implementation and ROI tracking

After implementing a plan, we'll continue to track success based on employee feedback, available metrics, and goal analysis.

Data-driven solutions and measurable results:


Performance Coaching for leaders through COVID-19

Read about our 6-month performance coaching initiative with 11 educational leaders and superintendents in the Central Valley area of California during the COVID-19 shutdown. 

Educational leaders realized a 31% improvement in self-perceived quality of life, indicating better, sleep more exercise, and better perspective on managing high stress environments. 

Watch the video below of one of the coaching clients and co-author of the white paper reflect on her experience.