What is the Agility digital course?

This course was designed by Phil Burton and Dr. Lauren Hodges to help your team thrive through challenges, build resilience, and learn to take control of stress. It is ideal for human-centered organizations interested in supporting the mental well-being of their teams and can be customized to individual company needs. 


Level Up Your Resilience

Agility is more than a resilience course -- you'll build awareness of how stress shows up in your life and the life of your team, and identify tangible action steps to improve these skills. This course is designed to help your people effectively maneuver through (and even thrive through) stress, challenge, and change.

On the heels of a pandemic and national protest for social justice, this country is stressed, stretched, and rapidly changing. What we stress over may differ from person to person, but we’re all impacted.

In this course you’ll learn how to strengthen agility through challenge, crisis, or change.

You’ll learn to define agility, understand and manage stress.

Increase awareness of emotions and mindsets that enhance agility.

Identify actionable, sustainable tools to become a more agile, resilient leader based on the latest behavior change science.


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